Sell your livestock for the right price at the right time

Full service cattle auction for buyers and sellers every Tuesday at 1pm in East Central, Missouri





Is this a good time to sell?

Choosing the right time to buy or sell is an important decision. Everyone wants to get the best price for their livestock, whether buying or selling.

There are a lot of external factors and risks to consider. How’s the weather? What’s the current market report? How do you weigh the opportunity costs?


Talk to an experienced livestock producer/seller about the current market conditions and prices.

Peace of Mind

Feel confident in your decision on when to buy or sell.

Good Payout

Collect your check as soon as your livestock sells.

Nobody works as hard as farmers do.


You deserve top dollar for your livestock and a no-nonsense buying and selling process.

We take daily market conditions seriously. Part of creating the highest market possible for cattle is making sure there’s a fair deal happening for both sides: the buyer and the seller. Even though our crystal ball may be cracked, we can tell you what today’s market conditions are so that you can make an informed decision and get the most out of your livestock …not a penny more or less.

Let's move some livestock.

Take the guesswork out of Missouri Cattle Buying and Selling