Special Cow Sale -Saturday-January 30th 2021

We’re trying something new!!
We’ve decided that instead of our usual Friday night cow sale we’re going to see if Saturday works out well for everyone.

Early consignments include:


**Steed Farms-Complete dispersal:
130 hd mostly black pairs and bred cows(bred to Hereford bulls, young to SS, home raised


**Andrew McElwain:
10 hd Blk/BWF cows, 3-6 yrs old, bred to a registered (easy calving) Black Angus bull to start calving Feb 20th (70 day time frame). Cows have been worked by the vet and have been vaccinated.


**Jacob McElwain:
5 hd Blk/BWF hfrs, bred to a registered (easy calving) Black Angus bull (Smith Valley Angus bull). Cows will start calving Feb 20th (for 70 days)
Also 2 Cow/Calf pairs
All have been worked by the vet and have been vaccinated.


**Meyer Farms:
17 hd Blk cows, bred to Sydenstricker bull, 3-5 yrs old. All are on a complete health(including Scour Boss Nine) and complete mineral programĀ  They will start calving March 1st (then 45 day time frame). All have a very gentle disposition.


**Lawson Farms-Total Farm Dispersal:
85 hd mostly blk-pairs and bred cows(bred to Turner bulls)young to 8 yrs old, mostly home raised


**Burns Farms: 20 hd registered Black Angus Cows w/calves by side(approx. 400 lbs), 3-7 yrs old, exposed to bull in Nov, papers available on cows and bulls


**Kinder Farms: 120 hd Red Angus Hfrs, 1100 lb+, bred to calve in the Spring (bred to Smith Valley Black Angus bulls),
one owner, Fancy


**SJM Farms: 50 hd BLK/BWF cows, 5 yrs old – SS, bred 2nd & 3rd period


**Martin Farms: 8 hd BLK/BWF (Angus-Hereford) open hfrs – breeding stock, approx 700lbs, ready for a bull by May


Expecting 400-500

More information to come

Please call 573-885-7431 with questions or consignments

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Jan 30 2021


1:00 pm
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