Special Cow Sale May 8th @ 1:PM

All consignments welcome
Expecting 4-500

Visit dvauction.com to view/bid online

Early consignments include:


**Rutz Farms – Farm dispersal:
-90 hd blk cows, bred & some w/calves by side, running ages, bred to blk bulls


**Jones Bros:
-60 hd blk/BWF bred cows, home raised, running ages, bred to blk & Hereford bulls
-20 hd open hfrs, soundness checked, 8-850 lbs, out of Hickock Angus bulls


-20 hd blk cows, 5-6 yrs old, w/200+lbs calves by side


**Jackson Farms – Farm dispersal:
-Brn/Blk Brahman bulls
-20 hd Longhorn cross cows
-20 hd Tiger Stripe cows, 3-7 yrs old, bred & some w/calves by side


**B & B Farms:
-20 hd fancy RWF cows, 5-7 yrs old
-20 hd fancy BLK cows, 5-7 yrs old
All w/ 3-400 lb calves by side
Running w/Black Angus bulls since Mar 20th


**Tipton Farms – Complete Dispersal:
-40 hd (+/-) cows under 7 yrs old, 27 w/calves by side
-30 hd bred cows, ages SS+
-2 Charolais cross bulls, 2 yr old & 4 yr old
-12 hd Beefalo Cows 50/50, 8 w/calves by side


**Werner Farms:
-17 Blk/BWF Pairs, 5 yrs old, w/250 lb calves by side, calves are vaccinated, cows are worked


**Hannegen Farms – Complete Dispersal:
-35 hd fancy Blk/BWF cows, 6-7 yrs old, due to calve in the Fall


**Martin Farms:
-12 hd Blk hfrs, bred to start calving in June, 1 w/calf by side
-2 hd Blk Cows, 4-5 yrs old, bred to start calving in June
-1 Blk bull, 5 yrs old

-Papered Red Angus bull (Good on hfrs), 3 yrs old


-Gerloff Sim/Angus bull, 3 yrs old


-Papered Hereford herd bull, 4 yrs old,
has been semen & trich tested,
calving ease, son of R Leader


More info. to come


May 08 2021


1:00 pm


Special Cow Sale
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